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04/04/2012 10:50 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Tomorrow the latest publication cycle begins & contains the NOTAMS for the FLL Runway 9R & taxiway closures on April 17.  BCAD has published the NOTAMS (below) that will show RWY 9R & taxiways "OPEN" until April 16.

ATC is now issuing taxi instructions that require all aircraft & vehicles to "HOLD SHORT OF RWY 13".  This will begin to condition pilots & controllers in advance that RWY 13 will become active & we must be alert.

NOTAMS issued and faxed as needed for RWY 9R/27L and associated taxiway closures:
FLL 04/016 (KFLL A0385/12) FLL TWY D BTN TWY D4 AND APCH END RWY 27L OPEN WEF 1204050401-1204170401
!FLL 04/015 (KFLL A0384/12) FLL TWY CONNECTORS G1,G2,G3 OPEN WEF 1204050401-1204170401
!FLL 04/014 (KFLL A0383/12) FLL TWY G W OF TWY E OPEN WEF 1204050401-1204170401
!FLL 04/013 (KFLL A0382/12) FLL TWY Q S OF TWY E OPEN WEF 1204050401-1204170401
!FLL 04/012 (KFLL A0381/12) FLL RWY 9R/27L OPEN WEF 1204050401-1204170401
Runway 9R/27L along with Taxiway Golf, Golf connectors, Taxiway Q south of Taxiway Echo, Taxiway Delta between Connector D4 and the approach end Runway 27L will be closed effective April 17, 2012 for the construction of the new ruwnay.  Due to charting cycles, these closures had to be shown effective April 5, 2012.  Therefore, on April 4th we need to file the following NOTAMs until the official closing date of April 17th.
1.    Runway 9R/27L Open.  Effective time 0001L April 5 – 0001L April 17.
2.    Taxiway Golf west of Taxiway Echo Open.   Effective time 0001L April 5 – 0001L April 17.
3.    Taxiway Quebec south of Taxiway Echo Open.  Effective time 0001 April 5 – 0001L April 17.
4.    Taxiway Connectors G1, G2, G3 Open.  Effective time 0001L April 5 – 0001L April 17.
5.    Taxiway Delta between connector D4 and the approach end Runway 27L Open.  Effective time 0001L – 0001L April 17.

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