The SFBAA has five subcommittees which are responsible for various aspects of the organization.  Below is a list of the Committees along with the current members.  If you are interested in volunteering your time to help out on any of these committees, please contact the Committee Chair. 

Advertising & Marketing Committee

This committee is responsible for all advertising and marketing of the events/activities that the SFBAA hosts or participates in, as well as handling the organization's social media presence.

Committee Chair: Rebekah Knaster
Committee Members: Sean Gallagan, Christopher Mason, Mark Mirin, Thiago Pereira

Events Committee

This committee coordinates with the Board of Directors to plan and create the various meetings, programs, and social events for the year.

Committee Chair: Elly Cotran
Committee Members: Alexsandra Camargo, Joan Kuntz, Thiago Pereira, Jeff Ramsden

Golf Tournament Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and running the Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  They coordinate and plan the event, gather sponsors, solicit donations, and organize the pairings for the two course tournament.

Committee Chair: Jeff Ramsden
Committee Members: Elly Cotran, Eddie Hughes, Joan Kuntz, Justin Naranjo

Membership Committee

This committee is in charge of sustaining and expanding the association's membership.  

Committee Chair: Brian Hutira
Committee Members: Joan Kuntz, Christopher Mason, Justin Naranjo, Beverly Patton

Scholarship Committee

This committee is responsible for overseeing the creation and dissemination of all SFBAA Scholarships.  They create and modify the applications as needed, provide them to the appropriate outlets, and then choose the scholarship winners on a yearly basis.

Committee Chair: Sean Gallagan
Committee Members: Ed McClean, Irena Misheva, Thiago Pereira

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